Bespoke Services

'In-house' assembly of kits and bespoke packaging

Ultra classic engine is a unique company in that the vast majority of our kits are assembled in house. This includes gasket kits and timing kits, core plug sets etc.

Our services extend to packing to specific customer requirements. This can include kit contents and type of packaging i.e. white visi packed boarding or plain white/or brown boxing.

Labelling too can be in the customers image.

This service is welcomed and used by many of our "classic car club" customers.



Bespoke development and manufacture of parts

We can develop bespoke parts subject to samples and quality requirement.

We recently developed Lotus 1558cc head sets and conversion/bottom end sets to cover all years for this marque. This entailed special tooling for gasket cutting and moulds for rubber items. We also collated an engine core plug set to cover all years for these cars.

Similarly, heavy investment into timing sprockets and tensioners/lock tabs etc. means we can supply comprehensive timing chain kits including duplex conversions for B.L.M.C. Mini/Minor, Ford Anglia/Capri PX/F and X/F engines etc. etc. even a V8 Triumph Stag chain kit is now available!


'No find - no fee' Service

We'll do the legwork in tracking down the parts you need

With over 50 years dedicated engine experience we have built up a long list of contacts to help outsource those hard to find parts. This would include pistons, liners, crank bearings, rings gears etc.

We offer a "no find - no fee" on outsourcing so in the first instance let us do the hard work for you.


Tell us how we can help you.

If you need help or have a technical question about our services and what you need, please contact our technical team for assistance.

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